How does PASO CARD work?

The way that PASO CARD works is simple.

By shopping in any of the hundreds of businesses that belong to PASO CARD program , all you have to do is, along with the payment, give your PASO to credit your PASO account with the corresponding percentage written on your catalogue.


  1. You go to a restaurant with your family and you make a € 100 account. You pay € 100 and also give your PASO card to be credited with the 10% rate that the given restaurant will give, that is, € 10 of the purchase you made.
  2. You buy from a store products worth € 100. In the business directory this store offers PASO holders 20% refund. Along with the € 100 payment, you will also be given your PASO to pass through the terminal so that your PASO is credited with € 20.

For PASO credit, you will get a receipt that comes out automatically by passing your card from the pos terminal or a text message to your mobile phone.
The total refund amount from all of your monthly purchases with PASO will be deposited to you at the beginning of each next month in the bank account you have given us (IBAN).

You will be refunded and deposited in the next month, provided that your savings amount is € 10 or more. If not, it will remain on your card until the minimum amount of € 10 is reached so that it can be deposited.