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Get Cash Back through your purchases

In hundreds of companies,
all over Cyprus,
at all products and services!

You now can!
Have fun,
Travel with PASO CARD.

PASO CARD gives you back up to 20% of the money you spend, in cash!

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Paso Card

What is Paso
and how it works?

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PASO CARD is a refundment program designed to reduce the consumer’s cost of living.Below we summarize the main benefits of PASO CARD

Cash Back

PASO CARD gives you a refund to your account. In markets such as petrol, supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, bookstores, etc. you are given the opportunity to take back, much of the money from your expenses.

Benefits Of PASO CARD

We invest and help the development of businesses by directing PASO CARD holders to specific enterprises in the PASO program.

Particular attention is paid to the choice of businesses and services of each kind so as to serve all cardholder needs. We offer a wide list of businesses to retailers and to many services:

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How Does PASO CARD Work?

By shopping in any of the hundreds of businesses that belong to PASO CARD program , all you have to do is, along with the payment, give your PASO to credit your PASO account with the corresponding percentage written on your catalogue.

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