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History of PASO CARD

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7/3/2005: The building of the Organisation C.D.O PASO CARD begins, and is completed in November 2008. As a result, the organization creates its own network with P.O.S (terminal) in hundreds of companies. In the field of business a very careful selection is made in shops, aiming to cover all the needs of consumers in all products.


11/11/2008: The issuance of PASO cards for the general public begins. Tens of thousands of consumers get the PASO CARD and get a monthly refund from their purchases.



1/3/2009Collaboration of C.D.O PASO CARD LTD with J.C.C Payment System Ltd in the technical field (P.O.S T.M.C).


21/10/2010Collaboration of C.D.O PASO CARD LTD with ΔΙΑ Α.Ε Interbank systems in Greece.


1/11/2010C.D.O PASO CARD LTD is expanding in Greece. It places the first terminals (P.O.S) in Athens.


16/11/2011: C.D.O PASO CARD LTD starts cooperation with F.B.M.E Card Services LTD.


15/4/2012: The C.D.O PASO CARD LTD, in cooperation with F.B.M.E Card Services LTD, launches the second generation of PASO cards, PASO MasterCard.



The long-term goal of PASO CARD is its spread across Europe. PASO CARD has already begun to enter Greece.

We have placed the first terminals (P.O.S) for the loyalty part of the PASO CARD.