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Do you own a shop or business?

Join us ...

We are different!

We invest and help the development of businesses by directing PASO CARD holders to specific enterprises in the PASO program. Particular attention is paid to the choice of businesses and services of each kind so as to serve all cardholder needs.

We offer a wide list of businesses to retailers and to many services:


Retail Trade: Bookstores, Clothing, Electric Supplies, Jewelery, etc.

Services: Restaurants and Cafes, Gas Stations, Gyms, Hotels, etc.

Our philosophy is based on reducing consumer expenses.

  • Only 30% is selected for each type of store.
  • We give incentives to cardholders, which are no other than reduced prices, 365 days a year. This way we direct the cardholders to the shops (businesses) that are contracted to the PASO CARD program.
  • Advertisement of the enterprises through the PASO website which receives over 35,000 visitors per month.

PASO CARD stands out for its social contribution, implementing the Corporate Responsibility strategy “the modern economy … in practice“.