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Benefits of PASO CARD

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PASO CARD is a refundment program designed to reduce the consumer’s cost of living.
Below we summarize the main benefits of PASO CARD.
Cash Back /Refund
PASO CARD gives you a refund to your account.
In markets such as petrol, supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, bookstores, etc. you are given the opportunity to take back, much of the money from your expenses.


Benefits of PASO CARD:
  • In order for the cardholder to know the companies that are contracted to the PASO CARD program, he gets a business directory in which the rates of return to which customers are entitled by each business are also included.
  • Using PASO CARD gives you the opportunity to participate in competitions and get gifts.
  • Cash refund applies to purchases made by any store or business included in the PASO program.
  • The refund will be deposited to your account in the beginning of each next month provided that your savings amount is 10 euros or more. If the minimum amount of 10 euros is not reached, then it will remain on your card until the amount of 10 euros is filled in so that you can receive a refund-deposit.