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Learn what it is!
PASO CARD is a refundment program, set up to serve a unique purpose: to reduce the consumer’s cost of living.
By purchasing from the hundreds of companies that are affiliated with PASO CARD, the cardholder gets a refund on their purchases.
In order for the cardholders to know the companies that are contracted to the PASO CARD program, they get a business directory in which the rates of return to which customers are entitled by each business are also included.
The way that PASO CARD returns money back to you is:
By purchasing from any of the hundreds of PASO program businesses, after you have paid for the product you bought, you pass your card through the PASO terminal (card machine – pos) so that your PASO can be credited with the corresponding rate – refund amount which is indicated in the business directory we send to you.
You purchase from a store products worth 100 euros. In the business directory this store offers PASO holders 20% refund. Together with the payment of 100 euros you will also give your PASO to pass through the terminal so that your PASO can be credited with the amount of 20 euros. For PASO credit, you will get a receipt that comes out automatically by passing your card from the card machine or a message to your mobile phone. The total refund amount from all your monthly purchases with PASO, will be deposited into the bank account in the beginning of each next month.
A consumer who makes good use of his PASO CARD can save up for his/her family more than 3,000 euros per year.